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Some Thoughts Before We Open


ComplexionsA new season in a new theater fills this experienced presenter (45 years) with excitement and fear. With so many new moving parts will it all work? Will the audience come and will they respond to the performance with a high degree of enthusiasm? Will the dance company feel comfortable on this stage? Will the tech go smoothly and will the dancers bring all they have? Have we done all we could to realize everyone’s expectations?

It is definitively the drama before the drama. All the work and effort will be realized Wednesday October 14th at the Prince Theater in Philadelphia where Complexions Contemporary Ballet takes the stage for six performances, presenting a number of works including some very new to the company. For me, it is the excitement of the lights going down, the curtain going up and the artistic experience unfolding.

Thank you audience for showing up and giving your time and resources to experience these performances. Thank you dancers for the hard work, sweat, tears and dedication it takes to do what you do. Thank you Dwight and Desmond for your vision, your focus and your talent to make all this happen. And thank you to the staff of the Prince and Dance Affiliates for keeping those moving parts functioning, allowing everything on stage to work.

For me it is not just about presenting this company or that company. The sum total of all we do – presenting world premieres, hosting master classes, commissioning new works, offering student performances and audience talkbacks – contributes to advancing and supporting the art of dance, providing opportunities for those who create, perform, watch, make and experience the magic of live performance.

For more information on NextMove Dance at the Prince please visit our website at or call the Prince Theater Box Office at 215-422-4580.